Linda Holt, spokeswoman for Scotland Against Spin commented on today’s announcement by Eric Pickles of new planning guidance to prevent unwanted wind farms being imposed on communities in England*:

“The UK government’s announcement to give local communities more say about windfarm developments is in stark contrast to the attitude of the Scottish Government.

Virtually all onshore wind farms are now opposed by local communities, and very often by local authorities as well, yet this counts for nothing when Scottish Ministers decide applications. Planning democracy is a joke in Scotland.

The UK Government is recognising that it can’t just impose windfarms on communities against their will, but the Scottish Government remains in dictatorial denial.

The UK Government wants to protect English landscapes and communities by moving future wind development offshore, but the Scottish Government sees no end to the number of onshore turbines Scotland can take.

The UK Government wants local communities to share in the wind bonanza, but Scottish communities often get nothing although the Scottish Government is happy for its ministers such as Richard Lochhead to accept lavish entertainment from windfarm developers.

The UK Government’s announcement today just makes the irony of a Scottish Nationalist Government ignoring the cries of its own people while inviting foreign developers to trash landscapes and harm communities even sharper. It will not be lost on voters.”



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