The John Muir Trust, an environmental campaign group dedicated to protecting wild land has published a map which highlights the saturation of wind farms across Scotland, making wind farms viewable from up to 60% of Scotland.


“Although our primary aim is to protect wild land, this map as a whole
concerns us enormously. Perhaps it is time that the Scottish Government had
a rethink and at least saved the remaining visually unpolluted areas of the

“Some areas such as Caithness, the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and
Galloway must be reaching saturation point. You only need to look at the
map to be shocked by what has happened in the last few years.’

“The map is only based on what is currently built and operating. Thousands
more turbines are in the planning system and they will impact on thousands
more people and homes.”

Helen McDade (Head of Policy, John Muir Trust)

Map: JMT map Sept 14 (PDF)
John Muir Trust:


Jim C. · November 15, 2014 at 12:46 am

Depressing, indeed. And America is not immune to this blight just by virtue of relatively larger size. It’s already bad here. Classic case of technology getting ahead of aesthetic values. These things are no more physically green than fracking, at least above ground.

“We can fly around the world put a man on the Moon
Spend millions on a war in a single afternoon
We can pinpoint a perpetrator blow him up on the TV screen
Isn’t there some way of making energy that is not so huge and obscene?”

(from song by B. Lucas)

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