Independent Noise Working Group – Wind Turbine Amplitude Modulation & Planning Control Study


The Independent Noise Working Group (INWG) publishes a full damming response to the WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff (WSP/PB) Amplitude Modulation Report commissioned by DECC & published by the Department of Business & Industrial Strategy in October 2016. The WSP/PB report was authored by Richard Perkins & Michael Lotinga and at the time of publication, was seen by many as a positive step towards the recognition that wind turbine noise DOES cause annoyance and sleep deprivation and therefore HARM to affected local residents.

INWG has thoroughly reviewed this shameful report, which actually masquerades as a cover for ‘business as usual’ and along with the accompanying IOA AM Working Group submission have devised an ineffective ‘black box metric analysis procedure’, which on initial testing by INWG WILL NOT provide a solution or mitigation to the significant suffering being caused by wind turbine noise.

INWG state:
“Furthermore the WSP/PB report cites a notional list of non-acoustical factors contributing towards and causing ‘annoyance’;
a) Specific visual impacts (shadow flicker, lights, rotation);
b) General attitude to wind farm appearance in the landscape;
c) Direct economic benefits from wind energy generation or specific wind turbine installations;
d) General attitudes to wind energy generation;
e) Type of area (urban / rural); f) Exposure to positive / negative media coverage of wind energy and wind farm noise,
g) and the activities of campaign groups; and h) Sensitivity to noise and possible sensitisation due to awareness of wind farm noise research”.

“It is of great concern to the INWG that the mere hypothesis promoted within the WSP/PB report and notion that legitimate concerns and suffering of residents could be devalued in this manner. This to the point of suggesting that those complaining are doing so merely because of any of the suggested reasons listed and that this could be considered or accepted by the Government to be a contributing factor for these or any complaints arising”
The WSP/PB report does nothing to resolve this serious issue and this report must be challenged.

INWG call on the UK Government to NOT accept the report’s recommendations or conclusions and urge you all to write to The Secretary of State Greg Clark at DBEIS stating that this report is unsound and not fit for purpose.

You all need to take time to read INWG WP 8.1 report which can be accessed here:

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