The wind industry was founded on lies, built on myth and runs on subsidies. ‘Propaganda’ was conjured up by a Catholic Pope, employed with devastating effect by the Nazis and still maintains control over the masses in China. But it wasn’t until the wind industry switched into gear that propaganda really hit its straps. Being able to turn out lines such as “the wind is always blowing somewhere” and “the wind is free” was a mere doddle for the spin doctors and PR masters, who’ve worked overtime for nearly 20 years in an attempt to present wind power as part of an “inevitable transition” to an all wind and sun powered future.
As Dr John Constable details below, the wind industry has employed every euphemism, neutered every noun, assaulted every adjective and invalidated every verb in the English language. Or, as George Orwell put it, these propaganda masters have managed to: “give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.




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