Two virtual drop-in sessions will be held this week on the proposed development of 10 wind turbines in the north-east.
A statement from Fred Olsen Renewables said: “We would like to invite you to a virtual public consultation drop-in session, regarding the application of Additional Information (AI) for Fetteresso Wind Farm, submitted in February 2020.
The submission is being re-advertised as the original planning notice and the consultation period was postponed due to Covid-19.”
The amended proposed development comprises 10 turbines and associated infrastructure, and is located approximately 15km west of Stonehaven.
Two virtual public consultation drop-in sessions will now take place on Wednesday from 4pm until 7pm, and Thursday from 4pm until 7pm.
If you would like to attend a drop-in session, email noting your name and the date you wish to attend.
Further details on how to join the session will be sent out in due course.
Further information about the project can be found by visiting

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