A stricken hedgehog caused a prickly problem after it had to be rescued from a construction site for Scotland’s biggest offshore wind farm.
Hetty the hedgehog – who eventually turned out to be Henry the hedgehog – was discovered during preparation work at Carnoustie for the laying of the cable for the £3 billion Seagreen project.
A spokesman for Seagreen said the tiny hedgehog was found during a reptile survey of land at the Open Championship-hosting Carnoustie Links.
He said: “One of our Environmental Advisors on the Seagreen project found an injured hedgehog, which the team affectionately named Hetty.
“Hetty the hedgehog was curled in a ball but made no attempt to escape or hide and so the team knew that something was wrong.
“They made a phone call to the local hedgehog rescue centre and were told to bring her in as she was almost certainly ill or injured.”
He said that Hetty was gently placed in a box and then transported by two environmental advisors to Wormit Hedgehog Care Centre
Hetty the hedgehog was rescued during work on the £3 billion Seagreen cable laying project at Carnoustie.
“The centre confirmed that Hetty had sustained injuries, including missing toes and an injured leg.
“She was very swollen and would not have survived long if left alone, because her wounds would likely become infected.
“In addition, Hetty was a young hedgehog, born this year and she was underweight. She was also a boy and renamed Henry!”
The spokesman said that Henry was now in the excellent hands of Sandy Boyd at the centre and will be cared for throughout winter and hopefully released in the spring.
He said: “Henry still won’t put much weight on the sore leg but he has graduated to the bigger shed.
Carnoustie Links, which hosts The Open
“He is not in pain but if he does not fully recover then he will go into an enclosed garden or to somewhere where he will be cared for and live semi-wild.”
Course closed signs went up at Buddon links last month as the £3bn Angus offshore windfarm cable project entered a key stage with the cable coming ashore.
The cable from the 114-turbine Seagreen project, which begins 16 miles off the Angus coast, will come ashore beside Carnoustie Links and run westwards to Tealing.
Seagreen, a joint venture between SSE Renewables and Total, will be Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm, providing energy for 1.3 million homes.  https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/hetty-the-hedgehog-rescued-from-3b-windfarm-construction-site/?fbclid=IwAR2iNopbbkf9_7S9DhvKkBXxHj8_o2QPrwEKsZJ8j2xcyyVv1uWXbZl1yHY

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