Dear Sir,

To the consternation of local residents, Highland councillors have approved yet more giant 450-foot, wind turbines on our most revered tourist Island, at Edinbane in Skye, with ‘significant adverse impact’ on the scenery. (Press and Journal 25th Nov).

With an impeccable sense of timing, some bright spark declared “UK Wind Week”.

There was a slight hitch – Coal outperformed Wind Power in UK Wind Week!

Sitting under a Europe-wide, Winter anticyclone, Britain’s contribution from wind power to the National Grid last week was hovering at around 1%

For the third time in recent weeks the National Grid’s electricity system operator (ESO) warned that energy supplies are under pressure.

As ever, fossil fuels had to come to the rescue, with gas supplying about 60% of the nation’s power. In fact, 3 coal power stations had to be rapidly fired up to supply around 7%. Because we are effectively paying for two systems running in parallel, prices reached a staggering £313 per megawatt hour! Normally about £40 per MWh

Thirteen years ago, the then Labour government promised us that by 2020 wind power could be powering every home by this year. I wonder where we have heard that lately!

Despite this, what do our ever-gullible politicians want to do? Build more.

Wind Weak indeed!


Yours, candles at the ready


George Herraghty

Lothlorien Lhanbryde Moray

SAS Volunteer

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