Time is short – your objection can help save Mochrum Fell from a wind farm with 7 turbines of 149.9m, as tall as Blackpool Tower, set on the highest fell in the area.
Scottish Government Policy states that it should be the right development in the right place, not development at any cost. Mochrum Fell is the wrong development in the wrong place and the significant adverse effects on landscape character and visual amenity are unacceptable.
It is a simple case of benefit versus harm – minimal, unreliable energy production weighed against the desecration of our iconic landscape and environment; impacts on communities, livelihoods, tourist economy, health and quality of life. For all these harms the Mochrum Fell wind farm should be refused.
More wind farms will not give us energy security 24/7. No wind = No electricity
Please object now – last date 4th December. Please send a separate email for each of you to increase numbers. If you have already sent objections we sincerely thank you.
Objections by email to:- Planning@dumgal.gov.uk
To: Chris McTeir, Planning & Building Standards, Kirkbank, English Street, Dumfries, DG1 2HS
Ref – 20/1683/FUL Mochrum Fell Wind Farm
I would like to register my strong OBJECTION to this application.
1. The amended proposal does not reduce the significant adverse environmental impact. Their own visualisations in the application demonstrate this is not the case.
2. The Council Landscape Architect’s initial response to the original application 2014 – Policy overview; It is considered that the Mochrum Fell Windfarm proposals, in themselves would have significant adverse scale effects in relation to Mochrum Fell, local landscape character, residential, and recreational views, including some key Loch Ken views.
3. If the original scoping with turbine heights up to 137m was unacceptable and had to be reduced to 126.5m in order to secure consent at Appeal, then taller turbines of 149.9m cannot become acceptable just to suit the economic demands of the developer.
4. There are 7000 tourism jobs in D&G alone compared to a total of only 2000 wind farm jobs in the whole of Scotland. Wind farms provide very few long term jobs. 2.4 jobs are lost for every 1 “green” job created.
Covid 19 has taught us the true value of green spaces for physical and mental wellbeing.
It is time to stop any further destruction of the beautiful and unique Galloway Landscape.
Please refuse this application.
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