Parliamentary Question concerning our Petition

Oliver Mundell’s question in Parliament today gave our Petition a good airing.…/pe1864-increase-the… The reply was as expected (DPEA advising everyone to tell the Reporter if they feel they are being bullied is an absolute joke) but we were pleased nonetheless that discussions are ongoing and we are corresponding with […]

Petition Update and Consultation Reminder

  We are hopeful of a date for the ninth Hearing of our Petition to the Scottish Parliament before Summer recess.  As you know, the Petition requested, among other things, that effective community engagement was undertaken for all wind energy development applications.  This was also emphasised in Petitioner’s submission of […]

Petition Update

More news on the Petition this morning. You may remember that the Petitions Committee agreed at the last meeting on 21 February that they would write back to the Scottish Government seeking further information on a number of issues and also to “highlight the petitioner’s continuing concerns about the lack […]

Petitions Committee Meeting

The Petiton is to be kept open and more information will be requested from the Scottish Government before a decision is made. DPEA will give extra training to Reporters on how to handle Inquiries and allow members of the public to give their views in a safe environment. More information […]

Reminder – Petition Hearing

A reminder that the SAS Petition to the Scottish Parliament will be heard again on Wednesday morning, 21 February. The Committee meeting starts at 10am and we are second on the list. You can watch live at The most recent papers presented to the Members of the Committee in […]

Next hearing of our Petition to the Scottish Parliament

News just received that the next Hearing of our Petition to the Scottish Parliament will take place on 21 February 2024. We’ll post the link to watch the live discussion nearer the time. Please sign if you haven’t already done so.