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Due to the wind farm being situated on two local authorities boundaries, please fill and complete both forms below so that an objection is listed with Perth & Kinross, and Angus Council;

Angus Council

Saddlehill Development - Angus

The consultation period has now ended.

End date: Aug 14, 2015

Signatures collected: 51

51 signatures

Perth & Kinross Council

Saddlehill Development - P&K

The consultation period has now ended.

End date: Feb 23, 2015

Signatures collected: 34

34 signatures

Planning Information

Reference: 14 / 00947 / EIAM (Angus Council), 14 / 01993 / FLM (Perth & Kinross Council)
Proposal: 16 x 127.5m IWTs
Application Details: Erection of a wind farm comprising 14 turbines (6 within PKC), access track, borrow pits, anemometer mast and ancillary works

About the Objection

The objection is automatically sent to Perth & Kinross and Angus Councils


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