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Country Guardian has for many years taken on the role of spreading the facts about wind energy and giving the potential victims the evidence to fight. We have been leading the battle against wind farms in Britain since 1991 when the first wind turbines started to appear in the Lake District.The conflict is basically between those who value our unique landscape and those who promote the economic interests of the wind developers, under a shelter of “green wash”. But the weakness of the wind developers’ case has been increasingly brought into the light of day. In a period of harsh decisions and real energy poverty, our money is being thrown away on subsidies for a form of energy which is not economically viable.

A key part of this is our List of Windfarm Action Groups, which has recently topped 300. This List was originally intended – about 15 years ago – to warn communities about windfarm developers prowling around, but is now intended to help all groups to share information.

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