Ontario Wind Victims (Canada)

The Wind Victims Ontario website has been created with hopes of assisting those who may be suffering from the effects of industrial wind turbines that were built and operating too close to their homes and families. You are not alone.

We also want to assist in educating the general public and authorities. And bring clarity to the situation regarding adverse health effects being experienced by families in industrial wind energy projects in this province.

Ongoing government denial and repeated public misinformation by many proponent sources has created an atmosphere of confusion in the public and mistrust for those affected. The need to address these very serious situations has been downplayed and dismissed by the wind industry and all levels of government across Ontario. No government agency in Ontario has done any epidemiological research or case studies investigating the negative health effects of wind turbines on people. The front-end studies to determine guidelines that protect human health were not done before establishing 550 m and 40 dB modeling limits.

This website has been created by volunteers. It is about the people who suffer the effects of wind turbines that have been built too close. These are the true “experts” and this is their story.

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