Waubra Foundation (Australia)

The Waubra Foundation is a national organisation formed to facilitate properly reviewed, independent research into the health problems which have been identified by residents living near wind turbines and other industrial sites which may have common cause.

The Foundation was set up by Peter Mitchell AM. After meeting and speaking with people living adjacent to the Waubra Wind Farm who were clearly suffering debilitating physical and mental health symptoms and who were universally unable to secure help or relief from the obvious sources, Peter, who had led the Stroke Foundation for many years, concluded that there was a clear need for an organisation with access to medical and acoustical expertise to assess the situation in the field and advocate suitable research and other programmes that would, as quickly as possible, address this health problem.

A South Australian rural GP, Dr. Sarah Laurie, became interested in the subject in July 2010 after a wind development was proposed for the hills adjacent to her house and concerned neighbours began to ask questions about possible adverse health effects should the development proceed. After reviewing the available literature, Dr. Laurie decided there was evidence of a health problem and accordingly accepted an invitation to initially become the Medical Director of the Foundation; which title has since changed to Chief Executive Officer to better reflect the nature of her involvement.

Research by other rural medical practitioners – Drs. Amanda Harry (UK), David Iser (Victoria) and Nina Pierpont (USA) had revealed serious health problems emerging in the proximity of various wind energy projects. Further urgent investigation is required in order to assist in the development of safe planning guidelines regarding the siting of industrial wind developments in rural areas.

The Foundation maintains close links to international researchers and other organisations investigating the same cluster of symptoms.

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  • Go to Spain. La Mancha, land where Don Quixote fought agsanit an earlier generation of windmills, and the landscape is full of windfarms. And they look magnificent. We have just driven through Wyoming and if the landscape had not been obscured by smoke from wildfires, I would have photos to show you of the huge windfarms there. They look magnificent. And doubtless generate much needed clean energy. Of course, Spain with the only true desert in Europe and Wyoming next to states where wildfires have been (and are being) out of the ordinary this year, appreciate that climate change is real. Someone needs to spin (oops) he equation slightly differently. Even if climate change is not real, renewable energy enables us to go on using coal and oil for longer because the resources deplete more slowly. (Oh, and for doubters, I see in this morning’s New York Times that climate change is having such an effect in the Arctic that new resources of oil and gas are becoming available. So much nor denialism. Maybe deniers should not want those resources exploited.)

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