About Us

Scotland Against Spin is an independent alliance campaigning for the reform of the Scottish Government’s wind energy policy.  We are members of the Scottish Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division Stakeholders’ Forum and the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SPREE).

Who We Are

Scotland Against Spin (SAS) was set up in mid-January 2013 by a small group of experienced campaigners who have been active at local and national levels for a number of years.

It is one of our founding principles that SAS is independent of any political party, lobbying organisation, landowner or developer.
SAS is entirely funded by donations from supporters, and all our personnel are volunteers.

The core team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of SAS, including developing the website content; social media; liaising with the press and politicians; campaigning.

The core team includes Graham and Marion Lang, Aileen Jackson, Stephen Lucking, Webmaster Tim Harrison and Rachel Connor who joined the team in 2021, as well as a number of other dedicated volunteers.

What We Do

SAS’s goal is the reform of the Scottish Government’s wind energy policy and support for all those adversely affected by it.  Among SAS’s core activities are;

  • Building a national network of skills and contacts
  • Lobbying at local and national levels
  • Campaigning in the media and acting as a national voice
  • Raising public awareness of what is wrong with wind energy
  • Working with NGOs and other agencies affected by wind energy policy
  • Helping start-up groups fighting turbine proposals
  • Supporting and connecting existing local anti-wind groups