Ofgem must shed light on energy charges

THE glacial process of making the National Grid feasible for renewable energy producers in Scotland’s remote regions is gathering pace. The energy regulator Ofgem announced its plan to bash heads together in an effort to sort out the high cost of pumping renewable energy into the UK transmission network back Read more…

Two wind turbines the height of Dunfermline city clock planned for Cairneyhill/The Dunfermline Press

TWO wind turbines the height of Dunfermline’s clock tower are planned for a Cairneyhill farm. Edinburgh-based Fine Energy has applied for permission for the 34.6-metre (113ft) turbines, as well as an access track and associated infrastructure, to be built at Remiltoun Farmhouse at Sunnyside http://www.dunfermlinepress.com/news/roundup/articles/2013/07/08/463498-two-wind-turbines-the-height-of-dunfermline-city-clock-planned-for-cairneyhill/