Alex Salmond has refused an invitation to accept a petition from Rhona Weir, the 94-year old environmental campaigner and widow of Tom Weir. The petition which contains close on 4500 signatures from people in 43 different countries calls on Alex Salmond to ‘Stop the Reckless Siting of Wind Turbines in Scotland’s Scenic Landscapes’

The organisor of the petition, Harley Keisch of American internet radio station Wind Wise Radio has written twice to the First Minister inviting him to accept it in person at Eden Court from a delegation led by Rhona Weir, widow of celebrated climber, author and broadcaster Tom Weir (photo of Rhona at the Perth anti-wind protest in October attached).

The presentation of the petition forms the highpoint of a mass anti-windfarm march and protest outside Eden Court, the venue of the SNP conference in Inverness on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of people from across Scotland are expected to attend.

Yesterday Mr Keisch began telephoning Mr Salmond’s office. After further stone-walling, the press were alerted and today Mr Keisch received a reply, which offered a private meeting with junior Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse instead of Mr Salmond, the addressee of the petition.

Graham Lang, Chair of Scotland Against Spin, a national alliance of anti-windfarm campaigners which is organising the Inverness protest, said:

“We are very disappointed the First Minister is snubbing Rhona Weir, a Scottish lady who commands enormous respect for her and her husband’s work in championing Scotland’s cherished landscapes. Hundreds of people are travelling the width and breadth of the country to the march in Inverness, thousands from across the world have signed the petition, but Mr Salmond doesn’t seem to be able to spare five minutes to step outside the conference hall and find the good grace to accept their petition.”

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