“Planting a 650 foot experimental wind turbine within a few 100 metres of one of Scotland’s historically most deprived communities is a recipe for disaster”, said Linda Holt, spokeswoman for Scotland Against Spin.

“Once again the government is championing the profits of the wind industry before its prime duty to protect its citizens. The turbine will create next to no sustainable jobs for locals, but it will be a disturbing eyesore for many Fifers as it will dominate the Forth coastline.

“The developers said they didn’t know what the precise flicker and noise impacts would be on Methil residents because the turbine was experimental. But experience with much smaller turbines shows that people will suffer a range of health problems from the noise, flicker and shadow effect. Without an enforceable noise condition Methil residents are being sacrificed as guinea pigs.

“Why on earth is an offshore turbine being tested right next to where thousands of people live when it is being designed for use in conditions far out at sea?

“This is no more than a giant white elephant which panders to the green egos of our politicians and allows foreign firms to mop up 200% subsidies from British consumers.”

Linda Holt (Press Officer)
T: 01333 720 378 or 07590 994 690
E: pressoffice@scotlandagainstspin.org



No Tiree Array · May 2, 2013 at 5:31 pm

The most significant anomaly of the Methil Tester is it cannot replicate the wind conditions of the WC of Scotland.

This may go some way to to explain why SPR in Dec 2012 called a halt to development of the Tiree(Argyll) Array,pending review with a ” view to developing a technical solution that is fit for purpose in dealing with the physical characteristics of this site ” ( SPR words!! )

Similarly in March 2013 Scottish and Southern announced a 12month delay to their proposed Islay Array . Their reason was;- ” Following a detailed review of the project processes, the development programme for the proposed Islay Offshore Wind Farm has been realigned while we work through the wider project risks and issues …..SSE will be progressing, with the EIA and consent application planned for submission next year ” .

‘Realigned’ is developer-circumlocution for delay ..in this case to 4Q 2014 ie 12 months later than SSER had indicated only a few weeks prior to making this announcement.

No Tiree Array(NTA) presented the appropriate Met Office Wind Data to Marine Scotland, in 2012 ,and like Godot, is still awaiting a response.

Ken McLeod · May 26, 2013 at 8:54 pm

I think this might be a blessing in disguise except for the local people of course who will probably have to move away temporarily. The office / lab building is so close that those within it will hopefully learn what infrasound is the hard way and demolish the cursed thing before their brains turn to porridge.

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