The Scottish Government has to be congratulated on the stonker of the idea
to build hundreds of gigantic fans strategically positioned on many of our
unproductive hillsides which otherwise just sit there doing nothing.

I understand the wind generated by these fans cools the country down,
mitigating the effects of global warming.

In a post-independence bid to stimulate the economy of Free Scotland, I
wonder if the government has considered the construction of a giant ditch
or canal stretching from Gretna to Berwick. This would create many jobs and
free the country from the encumbrance of being physically attached to England.

If all the hillside fans were then orientated to point in a southerly
direction, surely Scotland would gradually move northwards again taking us
into a cooler climatic region and give us a genuine Scandinavian economy.

The shift in the tectonic plates would eventually edge the Shetlanders away
from the oil reserves ending their assertions that it is their oil and not
ours and we could probably grab some Icelandic cod at the same time.

Nurse says it’s a great idea.

David J Crawford,
Flat 3/3,
131 Shuna Street,

SAS Volunteer

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