An appeal by energy company RidgeWind Ltd to build a windfarm near Heriot
has been thrown out by the Government Reporter.

The company applied to Scottish Borders Council in January, 2012, to site
the 115-metre high turbines on land at Gilston Farm.

Permission was refused by planning committee members in December.

But RidgeWind UK took their fight to the Government by appealing against
the decision.

Following a site visit and gathering of evidence, Government Reporter
Richard Bowden has sided with the local authority

Mr Bowden said: “I conclude that the economic case and related
sustainability benefits put forward in support of the appeal proposal do
not provide sufficient justification to override the outstanding concerns
regarding likely adverse impacts – notably with regard to significant local
and wider landscape and visual amenity issues, including in respect of
cumulative impacts.

“The appeal proposal would not accord with all relevant policies of the
development plan and national planning policy and associated guidance on
these matters.”

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