The Scottish Government has backed Midlothian Council’s decision to refuse
planning permission for a wind farm at Fala Moor.

In a verdict announced last Thursday (August 29), Richard E Bowden, a
Reporter appointed by the Scottish Ministers, dismissed an appeal against
the original decision.

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) had expressed concern about RidgeWind
Ltd’s plans to remove 15 hectares of woodland to make way for nine turbines.

Mr Bowden ruled that the council was justifiably concerned that the
proposal would have a significant adverse impact on the attractive open
landscape of this important transitional area, adding: “I am also not
persuaded by the arguments put forward by the appellant that the siting of
the proposal should be regarded as acceptable.”

Councillor Ian Baxter (Green) said: “I am disappointed that the appeal
failed. The Scottish Government has targets for renewables and at the
moment, Midlothian is not playing its part. We need to do more”.

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