FIONA Stark is right in calling for a wind farm register (Letters, September 4 ).

A year ago I was at a seminar on wind farms and tourism with some of the most senior Scottish Government officials responsible for wind development. When asked how many turbines were consented and/or operational in Scotland, they were unable to give precise figures because they had no way of collecting this data.

We still don’t have the figures for consented/operational turbines, although we do know the Government wants a lot more. How many more? The Government won’t say. After all, if the Government doesn’t have the figures, it can’t be accused of withholding them. Moreover, the lack of any cap or quota means it is free to apply endless pressure on local authorities to yield to the relentless demand from wind developers and landowners for ever more sites. Closing your eyes and hoping for the best while issuing an open invitation to subsidy-driven developers is neither a sensible energy policy nor a democratic planning policy.

In the meantime anyone who is interested in seeing what wind farms and other energy plants produce, earn and receive by way of subsidy should consult a website,, which collates data from the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Although the site isn’t exhaustive, it makes for some eye-watering revelations in terms of how much money wind farms “earn” their owners for how little energy.

Linda Holt,

Dreel House, Pittenweem, Anstruther.

SAS Volunteer

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