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THE head of trade association Scottish Renewables has launched an attack on
the Scottish Conservatives over the party’s opposition to expanding wind power.

Niall Stuart accused the party of being “at war” with wind power, peddling
“myths” about its cost, contradicting Conservative policy at Westminster
and undermining efforts to create jobs in Scotland.

The attack follows the appointment of Murdo Fraser as the Scottish
Conservatives’ enterprise and energy spokesman last week.

The Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP was co-author of a Scottish Conser-vatives’
energy policy paper which argued wind power was costly.

Mr Stuart said: “It’s also a bit rich for the Conservatives to be blaming
wind power for fuel poverty. What is really putting families in fuel poverty?

“Is it the reduction in take-home pay and cuts to tax credits and benefits
which has cost families hundreds of pounds per year, or is it subsidies for
renewables which add £10 to £20 to fuel bills per year?”

He said SSE was the biggest employer in Mr Fraser’s area, “with 800 staff
dependent on wind power”.

In reply Mr Fraser suggested Mr Stuart visit Australia, “the latest country
to elect a leader committed to turning the tide against unreliable,
intermittent and expensive forms of energy”.

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