Fairlie community councillor David Telford has stepped up his crusade to
stop the giant wind turbine construction site at Hunterston

A Fairlie campaigner has made a serious bid to get a grant from the SSE
company in order to mount a legal challenge against them.

In a letter to Fairlie Community Trust who are handing out £12,500 of SSE
money as community funds from the Hunterston wind turbine site Mr David
Telford has stated:

“North Ayrshire Council freely admit that the wind turbines currently under
construction at Hunterston breach every planning condition known.
Nevertheless, the development was controversially given planning consent on
the questionable basis that this was supposedly a five year long
‘experiment’ and that as such normal wind farm regulations and restrictions
did not apply.

However, the ethos of any experiment is that it will be abandoned as soon
as it becomes apparent that the experiment itself has become dangerous. The
risk to human health from the close proximity of large wind turbines is now
a well established and universally accepted fact. Hence, the recent
European Court ruling that the UK had breached the Aarhus Convention by
deliberately withholding wind turbine information.

NAV-OV (North Ayrshire Vandalised Our Village) are of the view that the
dangers of the Hunterston turbines are now self evident and that this
ghastly experiment should cease forthwith and the turbines be immediately
removed to their intended, permanent position far out at sea.

Villages such as Fairlie and Millport receive, by way of local amenities,
only a tiny fraction of the council tax that they pay to North Ayrshire
Council for that specific purpose. It is, therefore, arguable that the
small community benefit arising from the Hunterston wind turbines will only
finance those facilities that N.A.C. should already be providing in the
first place!

If any of your readers are willing to add their name as a supporter of the
aims and objectives of NAV-OV, then please contact the undersigned by email
at telforddavid@hotmail.com

Full letter and story in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of October 9, 2013

SAS Volunteer

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