By Jane Candlish

Proposals for a small windfarm in Caithness are up in the air after the MoD
objected saying it could interfere with their RAF radar.

Wind Harvest Ltd wants to build three turbines on land at Hill of
Lychrobbie, Dunbeath.

Two of the turbines will be financed, constructed and operated on behalf of
the Berriedale and Dunbeath community, with profits going to a community group.

The MoD objects to the development on the grounds that the turbines would
cause unacceptable interference to the radar at RAF Lossiemouth.

But the plans were deferred at the Highland Council’s north planning
applications committee yesterday.

The scheme was recommended for refusal by planner Gillian Webster who said
that while the turbines had the backing of residents and would benefit the
community, it was regrettable the MoD objection could not be resolved.
Local councillors were consulted and agreed with her stance.

However it is understood that the local area manager called for the plans
to be taken to committee for a debate on the merits.

While it is within area manager’s power to do so, there is a question mark
after whether it is allowed after councillors had their say.

Clerk Alasdair Mackenzie told the committee: “My advice on this application
is to defer it to the next meeting.

“This morning there were various aspects of the scheme of delegation
brought to my attention. Deferral will allow me to look into it more.”

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