Health fears have been raised over turbines at Hunterston, as details
emerge that the third planned for the site will be highest yet at 220 metres.

The existing two, which measure 193m to tip, have been erected by Siemens
and Mitsubishi, although the second turbine has yet to start operating
despite having been installed months ago.

Now, Conservative councillor Tom Marshall has called for a full and frank
debate on the impact of infrasound ­ low frequency noise said to be
produced by wind turbines ­ before permission is given to the third.

He said: “ It is important the whole issue of infrasound is robustly
debated – I believe there are some residents in Fairlie who claim they are
being affected by turbine noise.

“The planning officers will deal with the third turbine application under
delegated powers – but there will still need to be a formal planning
application as it is different size from the previous two.

“There would then be the opportunity for the public to comment on it.
Currently, it is a screening application to test the waters. It is
important the whole issue of infrasound is robustly debated.”

David Telford, who is the chair of NAV-OV group (North Ayrshire Vandalised
our Village), has also spoken out over Scottish Enterprise’s application to
North Ayrshire Council for the third 8MW turbine.

He has also raised concerns about infrasound’s effect on the neighbouring
community. He said the village was, in effect, being made a “guinea pig”
for the project.

The fears come as an international conference on wind turbine noise takes
place in Glasgow.

The purpose of the conference, which runs until Thursday, is for those with
an interest in wind farm noise and generation to meet and discuss problems
and solutions.

However, North Ayrshire Council’s environmental health department has
dismissed any health concerns, saying the infrasound was at such a low
frequency that there was no significant threat.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed in industry publications that Mitsubishi
have dropped plans concerning marketing their ‘SeaAngel’ turbine – the
second turbine – as a commercial product.

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