An application for two temporary met masts for a wind farm being lined up
for the Dava Moor has been rejected.

The Ourack Wind Energy Project is planned by Swedish state owned company
Vattenfall around six kilometres north of Grantown.

Members of Highland Council’s South Area Planning Applications Committee
meeting today in Inverness rejected plans for the masts on the moorland.

SNP Badenoch and Strathspey councillor Bill Lobban told fellow members at
the Town House in Inverness that the masts proposed for west of Larig Hill
and east of Dava Farm Cottage would have a devastating impact on the beauty
of the area.

He raised a motion calling on members to reject the scheme.

Fellow local SNP councillor Dave Fallows agreed with the objection, saying:
“This is one of those very special places.”

Frank Park, Vattenfall’s project manager for the Ourack Wind Energy
Project, said: “We are obviously disappointed by the decision of The
Highland Council.

“We will assess the reasons for refusal before deciding on our next step.

“This decision could cause delay to a major investment in the Highlands
that would benefit local business and communities.”

Vattenfall submitted the application in February to Highland Council to
erect two temporary high masts up to 90 metre tall to measure wind speeds
on the 30 square kilometre Ourack wind energy development area.

The data was to be collected for three years, after which the masts were
scheduled to be removed.

Public still to be sold on wind farm project – see tomorrow’s Strathy

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