MPs on the Westminster parliament’s Scottish Affairs Committee are due to
continue their inquiry into renewable energy on renewable energy in
Scotland by hearing from representatives of industry and energy, including
the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, Renewable Energy
Foundation, Scientific Alliance Scotland and Scotland Against Spin.

This week (13 April) they will take evidence from

Gareth Williams, Head of Policy, Scottish Council for Development and Industry
Dr John Constable, Director, Renewable Energy Foundation
Professor Iain McLeod, Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders Scotland
and Scientific Alliance Scotland
Linda Holt, Scotland Against Spin

Committee chairman Pete Wishart (MP, SNP) commented: “In the first session,
we will be questioning the Scottish Council for Development and Industry to
understand just how important the renewable energy sector is to the
Scottish economy.

“We will be looking to understand if the £1 billion investment in
renewables seen in 2014 can be replicated in the long term, and how recent
policy changes have affected opportunities for this sector.

“In the second session, we will be speaking to representatives from the
Renewable Energy Foundation, the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders
Scotland and Scientific Alliance Scotland, asking about the extent to which
we can rely on renewables for a secure energy supply.

“Given that wind power, the predominate form of renewable energy in
Scotland, provides fluctuating amounts of energy, how big a part should it
be in our energy mix? And how can our energy infrastructure be improved to
allow for more of our electricity to come from renewable sources?

“We will also be talking to Scotland Against Spin, to hear about the
concerns some communities have regarding the impact inshore wind farms can
have, and how involved residents are in the process of developing
renewables projects.”

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