The SNP is calling on the UK Government to invest in storing energy from
renewable sources after 106% of Scotland’s electricity needs were generated
by wind in a single day.

The call follows Weather Energy data endorsed by WWF Scotland which
reported turbines provided 39,545 megawatt-hours of electricity to the
National Grid last Sunday.

Renewable-energy storage facilities would overcome the fundamental ‘design
flaw’ of wind power turbines, which only work when the wind blows at just
the right ‘Goldilocks’ speed: too little wind means no power, whilst too
much wind means they have to shut down to protect them from damage or are
paid to shut down by the Grid for over-producing – which still means no

The Energy and Climate Change spokesperson for the SNP in the Westminster
parliament has written to Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Energy, urging
his department to invest in new technologies to encourage the production
and storage of renewable energy and electricity.

Callum McCaig MP (Aberdeen South) said: “For the potential of renewable
energy to be fully realised we will continue to need newer and better
storage technologies; mastering that is the solution to making renewables
as attractive financially as they are environmentally.

“The impressive levels of electricity generated from wind turbines last
weekend are evidence that we should be investing in Scotland’s enviable
potential for a clean and reliable source of energy for our future.”

The Scottish Government is to set a goal of renewables to supply half the
country’s energy by 2030.

McCaig is also urging the UK Energy Secretary to implement a stable
framework to support projects such as the proposed 400MW Cruachan pumped
hydro energy storage scheme and the Coire Glas scheme.

He added: “It is time for the UK Government to develop a comprehensive
national strategy for energy storage, including financial plans and what
incentives can be put in place to encourage new technologies in the sector.
Implementing such a plan with the electricity market should be a key focus
going forward. “

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