The consultation sets out details for how Scottish Ministers propose to bring the requirements of European Directive 2014/52/EU, known as the Environmental Impact Assessment or ‘EIA’ Directive into Scottish legislation.

The EIA Directive requires an assessment of the effects of certain projects on the environment before a development consent can be granted. The new Directive amends the current EIA Directive 2011/92/EU, however the aim remains the same, to provide a high level of protection of the environment and to contribute to the integration of environmental considerations into the preparation of projects with a view to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Forestry
  • Land Drainage
  • Planning
  • Marine
  • Transport and Works Projects
  • Trunk Roads

Ports and Harbours, Flooding and Controlled Activities are making separate arrangements.

Read more at https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/eia-transposition-team/transposition-of-environmental-impact?ct=t(PAS_Ebulletin_31_July7_30_2015)

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