By Jamie Ross

North-east environmental campaigners have called on Aberdeenshire Council
to “take control” of a wind turbine application which threatens to loom
over the countryside.

SNP councillor Sandy Duncan won planning permission for a second time to
instal a turbine on land at Forglen, situated near to a group of holiday homes.

He had earlier been required to go through the planning process again
because of a successful legal challenge at the Court of Session which
called into question the validity of its approval the first time around.

However, earlier this month, his Banff and Buchan colleagues gave him
permission to progress with the scheme.

But the Marnoch and Deveron Valley Protection Group has now said its
members are unhappy that councillors have pushed through the turbine
despite local and council opposition.

A spokeswoman for the group revealed that members were calling for
Aberdeenshire Council to “act decisively” to restore public confidence.

Planners had earlier earmarked Mr Duncan’s turbine for refusal. And the
Forglen community council had also objected to the scheme.

She said: “Those who wish to see the Deveron Valley kept free from wind
turbines will be bitterly disappointed the Banff and Buchan area committee
have decided to ignore planning policy and advice, along with objections
from locals residents and the community council.

“The local councillors have chosen to support the interests of their
colleague rather than those of the people they represent or the council of
which they are members.

“It is essential this second controversial decision is now dealt with in a
fair and transparent way – Aberdeenshire Council should take control of the
issue and act decisively in order to restore public confidence in the
planning system and the credibility of Aberdeenshire Council.”

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