Noise Training Workshop for Scottish Government Energy Consents and Deployment Unit Staff
Atlantic Quay, Glasgow
19 August 2016
SAS was delighted to be invited to this Workshop which had previously been run in May for Planners. Graham, Marion Lang and Aileen Jackson attended.
Dr Bernadette McKell Divisional Director (Acoustics), Jacobs and Dr David Palmer, Technical Director, Jacobs, gave presentations on PAN1, 2011/TAN and Amplitude Modulation and Cumulative Noise Assessments accompanied by recorded audio examples.
Moira Cartwright, Senior Environmental Health Officer from North Lanarkshire Council gave a general introduction to Noise and Dr Brian Carmichael EHO from West Lothian Council followed this up with Noise Planning Conditions.
The speakers had obviously gone to great lengths to keep the presentations simple and easy to understand and we were allowed to ask questions on an informal basis.
It may be said by some that SAS members seemed to be asking most of the questions, however at the end of the day we were thanked by many of the delegates for our input and sharing our experiences of noise problems with them.
Some of the topics discussed which may be of most interest to SAS members are listed below. If anyone has any questions or would like further information, please contact Aileen via SAS.
1.  What is Sound and when does it become Noise.
2.  Health problems associated with Noise.
3.  World Health Organisation Guidance, which has been updated over the years while ETSU remains in the dark ages.
4.  Cumulative noise conditions and the problems with enforceability.
5.  Difficulties encountered with noise monitoring and proving Statutory Nuisance.
6.  Unanimous agreement that Compliance testing is a waste of time and money. Decibel levels are immaterial. Noise character of more importance and EHO   attendance of paramount importance.
7.  Delegates mistakenly assumed it was easy to pursue a private nuisance case and didn’t understand the difficulties of the insurance process for claiming legal  expenses.
8.  Were unaware that people were reluctant to complain about noise due to future difficulties associated with selling their properties.

Concluding remarks from Frances Pacetti, Head of Energy Consents:
We must try to get it right from the start – at the planning stage as statutory nuisance cannot be relied upon as a remedy when problems arise.
There will be no change in government policy relating to onshore wind for the foreseeable future

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