Dr Angela Armstrong received this reply from SEPA regarding her concerns of pollution from yesterday’s fire involving a lorry carrying a wind turbine blade.


I am replying to your enquiry regarding the lorry fire at Bargrennan Bridge yesterday morning.

The Fire Brigade notify SEPA regarding any traffic accidents involving fuel oils, transported liquids and solids that may pose a risk to the environment. SEPA received a call yesterday morning at 08:00am and I attended site as I shared your concerns regarding diesel or hydraulic oils entering the river Cree. Upon arrival, the Senior Fire Officer explained that the actual fire itself had burnt out the lorry cab and fuel tanks so the vast majority of the liquid present was incinerated. The small residual plus any fire water was diverted onto grassy plots on the Glentrool side of the bridge however a very small volume had entered the River. My inspections of the River at Bargrennan Bridge, Clachaneasy Bridge and Challoch showed no environmental impact as I observed many fish and also there were healthy aquatic insects found at all the points.

SEPA staff are planning to re-inspect the River today to ensure my findings and conclusion remains the same.

If you have any further concerns regarding this incident please get back to me.

Yours sincerely

John Gorman

Senior Environment Protection Officer

SAS Volunteer

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