A controversial plan to erect an 81m wind turbine in the grounds of New
Bayview may be scuppered because of a Scottish Water pipe.

Ore Valley Housing Association had hoped to build the turbine by March and
generate a £750k dividend for the Levenmouth community by selling
electricity to the National Grid over the next two decades.

However, preconstruction utlity checks last week discovered a pressurised
waste pipe five metres underground which connects directly to Levenmouth’s
waste water treatment plant.

Andrew Saunders, CEO of Ore Valley, said: “There’s been a lot of time and
effort spent on this project and this is devastating.

“Saying that, if we had gone on site and a big machine had punctured this
pipe we would have been in a serious mess.”

The turbine application was rejected by planners three years ago but
succesfully appealed one year later,

To qualify for renewable energy subsidies for the £1.75 million project,
Ore Valley must complete by March.

Net profits of £1.5 million would be split between a common good fund for
Levenmouth and social housing projects across Fife.

Mr Saunders said: “We are now exploring the technical options, which are
either to divert the pipe, or relocate the turbine.

“Neither of these options is particularly straight forward given the time
pressures that we are operating within and completion of the project is now
in jeopardy.”

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