Twenty-one turbines may be built on hills above Brig o’ Fitch – Shetland Times

By Ryan Taylor

Plans have emerged for a major new windfarm which could see turbines
measuring a maximum height of 145 metres appearing near Lerwick and other
nearby areas.

Peel Energy is the company behind the radical new proposal. It hopes to see
up to 21 new turbines erected in the future.

The new project operates under the name Mossy Hill Windfarm.

No official details have so far been announced on exactly where the
turbines are being planned.

But public consultation meetings will be held later this month for Lerwick,
Gulberwick, Tingwall and Scalloway, and it is understood the windfarm will
spread across those four areas.

This week’s announcement comes less than a week after the community-led
windfarm was officially opened in North Yell.

The organisers behind the Peel project say a community benefit scheme is
also being proposed for its latest development. Peel Energy already has an
interest in Yell as the company plans to build 17 turbines at Beaw Field
north of Burravoe.

An application to build and operate that windfarm was submitted to the
Energy Consents Unit in March last year following what the company
described as “a full environmental impact assessment and a detailed
programme of community consultation”.

Now the company has announced it will formally submit outline plans for its
new project. An initial scoping report will be dispatched to Shetland
Islands Council next week.

In a statement, Peel Energy explained the turbines would have a maximum
height of 145 metres and residents would be invited to a series of public
consultation meetings.

The company stated that those attending the meetings would be able to learn
more about the proposed plans.

They would also be invited to ask questions and share their views on the plans.
According to Peel Energy the project could deliver real economic benefits
to the isles.

Development manager Bernadette Barry said: “This will be the first stage of
a consultation process leading up to the submission of a full planning
application for Mossy Hill Wind Farm.

“At these events we want to explain our plans and seek residents’ views as
well as outlining our proposed community benefit scheme.

“We highly encourage residents to attend these meetings to find out more.

“Our aim is to provide a clean and secure source of electricity and ensure
long lasting and tangible benefits for local Shetland communities and the
surrounding environment.”

The consultation meetings have been planned as follows:

• Tuesday 25th April – Staneyhill Public Hall, 2pm to 7pm;
• Wednesday 26th April – Gulberwick Community Hall, 11am to 3pm;
• Wednesday 26 April – Scalloway Public Hall, 6pm to 8pm;
• Thursday 27th April – Tingwall Public Hall, 2pm to 7pm.

According to Peel Energy the final proposed design will depend upon the
outcome of the consultation and reports from its environmental and
technical studies.
This will be presented in a full planning application which will be
submitted to Shetland Islands Council next year.

Peel Energy described itself as having 20 years of expertise in renewable
energy, with its hand in several renewable projects across the country.

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