Renewables set new electricity generation record in 1Q-2017 – Scottish Energy News


Renewable electricity generation was a record 24.8 TWh in 2017 Q1 – an
increase of 5.1 per cent on the 23.6 TWh in 2016 Q1.

Renewables’ share of electricity generation was 26.6 per cent in 2017 Q1
– up 1.0 percentage points on the share in 2016 Q1, reflecting increased
capacity. Wind speeds and rainfall were lower than last year.

Onshore wind increased by 1.3 TWh (20 per cent) to 7.7 TWh in 2017 Q1, the
highest increase across the technologies.

Total wind generation increased by 10 per cent to 12.7 TWh; the increase in
capacity was partially offset by lower wind speeds.

Solar increased by 16 per cent, from 1.5 TWh in 2016 Q1 to 1.7 TWh in 2017
Q1 due to increased capacity.

Renewable electricity capacity was 36.9 GW at the end of 2017 Q1, a 12 per
cent increase (4.0 GW) on a year earlier, and a 3.3 per cent increase (1.2
GW) on the previous quarter. Of both increases in 2017 Q1, over half was
due to new onshore wind capacity.

In 2017 Q1, just 54 MW of capacity eligible for the Feed in Tariff scheme
was installed, increasing the total to 6.1 GW, across 897,135 installations.

Liquid biofuels consumption provisionally rose by 6.7 per cent, from 327
million litres in 2016 Q1 to 349 million litres in 2017 Q1. This
represented 3.1 per cent of petrol and diesel consumed in road transport.

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