ESB ramps up wind farm expansion plans in the UK

The ESB is advancing plans to roll-out new wind farms in Scotland and across Britain from 2019, as development of the new projects nears.

The company is establishing a framework agreement for companies that will work on a range of works associated with the wind farms, such as installing electrical systems, fibre-optic cable, telecoms infrastructure, wiring and grid connection works.

The ESB will initially develop between 300MW and 500MW of wind farms, primarily in Scotland, but is also working on intended projects across Britain.

The semi-State power firm, which has officially entered the hugely competitive British residential electricity and gas market, recently revealed it’s also working on developing a number of offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea and other locations.

Earlier this year, the ESB said that it sees significant potential in Scotland for wind farm development.

“A successful partnership was formed two years ago with Coriolis Energy and both companies continue to work together to provide development opportunities on a number of sites across Scotland,” it said. “This portfolio has the potential to deliver significant new additional onshore wind capacity for ESB. It is likely that planning decisions will be made on a number of these sites in 2017 and 2018.”

The ESB is also developing a number of projects in England, including a new €1bn power plant in Yorkshire.

The ESB has told its new UK power customers that it has invested £2bn in Britain over the past 25 years.

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