Renewables Consulting Group opens new Scottish branch office in Glasgow – Scottish Energy News

London-based Renewables Consulting Group is to open a new Scottish office
in Glasgow.

Its new office will be located in the International Technology and
Renewable Energy Zone off George Square and will be co-located with
businesses and academia committed to stimulate innovation and investment in
Scotland’s offshore renewable energy sector.

RCG plans to establish a substantial renewable energy expert services team
in Scotland within the next five years. RCG also has offices in New York
and Amsterdam

“Our ambitions are bold, with scope to recruit a team of 20-30 expert
consultants,” said Dan Pearson, Managing Director for Europe at RCG.

“Scotland’s political desire to grow renewable energy as a core vision for
the future, together with a fantastic talent pool, has given RCG the
confidence to build a team based in Scotland serving local clients and
customers worldwide.”

“The move is reflective of RCG’s continued organic growth, the firm’s
successful business model, and our commitment to be closer to RCG’s
numerous clients in Scotland,” added Sebastian Chivers, RCG Chief Executive.

“This is a really exciting time for the business and we are delighted to
add Glasgow to our list of global strategic offices.”

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