A new 10MW energy battery storage unit has been approved by Perthshire
council – the first such scheme by CapBal Ltd to secure planning permission
in Scotland.

The Braco battery storage facility will connect into the local electricity
grid that is managed by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks.

It will draw and store electricity from the grid at times of low demand,
and release it back to the Grid when required. Capbal expects the Braco
facility to enter operation in mid-2019.

Its business partner, NEC, will provide four battery units that are similar
in design to a shipping container; the facility will be shielded by
landscaping works and the surrounding forest on the Feddal Estate.

David Fyffe, CapBal founder and chief executive, said: “We are delighted to
have secured our first storage consent in Scotland at Braco.

We have other schemes in the pipeline in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK
that will provide greater energy security and support the country’s moves
towards a low-carbon energy system.”

Wardell Armstrong (Edinburgh office) acted as Capbal’s planning and
environmental consultants on the Braco battery project.

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