A £1 million German-built wind turbine has been left to burn itself to
destruction after being hit by a lightning strike in Cambridgeshire.

Turbulent summer heat storms led to several lightning strikes across
southern England in the past 48 hours – including the strike at at
Ransonmoor wind farm, near Doddington.

Former fireman David Oldale, who woke up to receive a phone call from his
daughter who lives in a farm house next door to the wind turbine, said: “I
would leave it, it’s too dangerous, I’d let it go.

“It started in the motor room where the turbine is at several hundred feet.

“It’s gradually burning down the tower; all the bits are dropping off.

“The fire crews are still here and I think they are going to let it burnt
out, because there’s nothing else they can do really.”

Ransonmoor wind farm is located in the Fens of Cambridgeshire. The Fenpower
project generates enough power each year to supply the electricity needs of
6,600 UK homes.

Firefighters were called to the blaze at the top of the turbine in Benwick
Road, Doddington. Parts of the 292-ft turbine have broken off, with debris
scattered in the area

But there was no danger to the public, the local fire and rescue service said.

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