A new report published today has urged the UK Government not to “penalise consumers” by delaying policy decision and effectively blocking onshore wind projects.

The 2018 Progress Report to Parliament has called for the government to take advantage of onshore wind to help meet the UK’s legally-binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Produced by independent advisory body to the UK Government, the Committee on Climate Change, the report warns that ministers should avoid a “poor deal for the public” when making onshore wind policy decisions.

In the report, the CCC is claim that UK consumers are being penalised because “there is no route to market for cheap onshore wind”.

Emma Pinchbeck, RenewableUK’s executive director, said: “Onshore wind is the cheapest source of electricity, beating every other technology on cost, including gas and nuclear. Any politician who blocks onshore wind has to explain to voters why they’re being denied the lowest-cost power source.

“Denying new projects the chance to compete against other technologies on a level playing field is out of step with the public opinion; the Government’s most recent opinion polls show an all-time high of 76% of people support onshore wind. Denying hard-press bill payers cheap electricity makes no sense. Onshore wind also brings industrial benefits to the UK”.

Climate report claims blocking onshore wind ‘penalises consumers’


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Ian Miller · June 28, 2018 at 11:21 am

Constraint payments, and unreliability cannot possibly make for cheap electricity.

Furthermore, if 75% of the polled population are in favour of onshore wind turbines, how come 87% of those polled consider them to be a ‘blight’ on the countryside?

Lying Propaganda is all we get from these subsidy junkies.

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