Renewable energy consultancy K2 Management has revealed it will look to move into UK renewable energy development, which will include a big focus on Scottish projects.

The firm’s new UK country manager, Gary Bills, who K2 snatched from rival Mott MacDonald this year, confirmed that his company will be focussing on the Scottish onshore wind market, while building K2’s involvement in the construction of UK offshore and solar projects.

The consultancy currently has 220 employees in 20 offices around the world, with three UK offices in Glasgow, Bristol, London and an Irish office in Cork.

A veteran of the renewable energy industry for almost 20 years, Mr Bills has worked on a number of wind and solar projects in Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Serbia the UK, South Africa and Argentina.

He said: “My heart lies in renewable energy.

“Typically what K2 have done in the past is they’ve targeted offshore wind and a little bit of onshore wind.

“My ambition is to completely level that up so that we’re doing solar, offshore wind and onshore wind, which means we’re going to spend a lot of time focusing on the solar market in the UK.

“Given the burgeoning onshore wind market, we’re also going to spend a great deal of time there too.”

Only six weeks in post, Mr Bills has an ambitious new vision to build on K2’s project work in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

He said he wants K2 Management to now push into the UK market, especially Scotland


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