North Kyle Energy Project, within the North Kyle Forest, approximately 5.5 km east of Patna, 6 km west of New Cumnock and 2.5 km south of Skares. – Application. The proposed development includes the construction of fifty-four wind turbines (with maximum ground to blade tip height of 149.9 metres) with a total installed capacity of over 50 Megawatts (MW), with associated infrastructure and key ancillary development including: forestry felling and restocking; temporary construction compounds; turbine foundations; three site entrances; kiosks housing a transformer adjacent to each turbine; crane hardstandings; access tracks; three substations; a telecommunications mast; watercourse crossings; a network of underground cables; temporary stone extraction areas; forestry felling and replanting; and engineering operations including concrete batching facilities, peat excavation and restoration work.


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