Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to increase the offshore wind target from 30 gigawatts (GW) to 40GW by 2030.

The 10 GW increase was pledged was pledged by Mr Johnson while on the campaign trail yesterday.

He also suggested the move could create an additional 9000 jobs.

The Prime minister is seeking a Conservative majority in a general election due to be held on December 12.

The Labour Party has also vowed to increase the offshore wind goal, with a pledge to get the target to 52GW within ten years.

The UK currently has 8.5GW of operational offshore wind capacity.

Co-chair of the Offshore Wind Industry Council, Benj Sykes, UK country manager for Orsted, said he welcomed the election commitment, adding that it would “boost” the UK’s ability to meet net-zero emissions.

He added: “The announcement contains a key commitment to taking cross-government actions to enable us to reach 40GW by 2030.

“Offshore wind is now cheaper than gas, nuclear and coal and creates tens of thousands of jobs.

“As the world leader in offshore wind, this is a technology that the UK is right to be proud of.

“We look forward to working with whichever party forms the next government to implement the actions we need to deliver an increased target for offshore wind.”…/boris-johnson-pledges-to-rai…/

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