Clauchrie Windfarm Application – South Ayrshire/D&G. Wind Farm (Generating station of >100 <200 MW . 18x200m) ECU00002001

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Maggie Bunnett · January 16, 2020 at 8:21 am

The whole Wind Farm seems to be slipping under the radar of the locality. 200m x 18 wind turbines some 70m higher than all others in the area …. which we already have a lot… has not registered. We live within 2 miles of at least 2 with the prevailing wind direction meaning constant noise. It is likely other than the tips the actual village of Barr will only see and hear them when walking the Trails but surely this area has enough. Communities are being torn apart by the “benefit money” which they all seem to forget will run out, does not encourage communities working together, turns them into benefit villages…to what end.

Because of this money we feel it is difficult to complain, fight or even attend meetings. It would not even be so bad if the electricity was used locally, actually brought money into Scotland, and did not add to global warming with the gases used on the equipment, the cost to the environment with the production of batteries etc.

The consultation comment process commenced on Monday 13th Jan, yet I am struggling to locate a link to comment on.

    SAS Volunteer · January 19, 2020 at 8:35 am

    Unfortunately every community in Scotland complains that they have enough and it’s true so please feel assured you are not alone. To have any say in the future of your community you need to attend meetings and register your objection in writing. You can find the link to Clauchrie by putting ECU00002001 into the search box on the ECU website

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