UK wind investor The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG) has acquired the 35MW Blary Hill wind farm project in Scotland.

The project, developed by RES on the Kintyre Peninsula, west Scotland, will consist of 14 Nordex N90 turbines.

RES will construct the project, under a fixed price engineering, procurement and construction contract.

Construction is expected to start this quarter and Blary Hill is expected to start operations in the first quarter of 2022. RES will also provide asset management services.

Blary Hill will generate more than £3.9m of inward investment for the local economy during the wind farm’s construction and first year of operation.

The wind farm will derive revenues from selling power into the wholesale market without subsidy and, as a result, is being funded without any third-party project level debt.

Once constructed, the Project would represent approximately 2.5% of TRIG’s portfolio value on a committed investment basis. Following this acquisition, the percentage of TRIG’s assets which are in construction would be approximately 8%.

TRIG is invested in a portfolio of over 70 wind, solar and battery storage projects with aggregate net generating capacity of 1664MW.

TRIG’s operations manager is RES.

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