As the amount of industrial wind development applications reaches insanely
high numbers yet again we have to ask why on earth the UK government
doesn’t rein in the Scottish government as every single British consumer
forks out for this foolhardiness.
It would be advisable if all policy makers took the time to watch the new
amazing film Planet of the Humans that exposes the destruction caused by
renewable energy. The film is even more astonishing because it had no input
by anti campaigners and was produced by people you would expect to be
firmly on the side of the industry.
It has caused shock waves in the ‘green’ movement as one of their own has
taken a broadside at them. Not so much a ‘blue on blue’ attack but a ‘green
on green’. The panic was so great that they tried to get the film taken
down so us, the subsidy funders, didn’t get to see the truth.
Those who have made an extraordinary amount of money from this weapons
grade virtue signalling are understandably concerned that their public
funded gravy train is about to hit the buffers.
What stood out for me was the statement: If we didn’t have renewables we
would have used less fossil fuels. The policy makers need to let that sink
in before allowing another subsidy sucking renewable energy firm get
planning approval for anymore developments.
SSE is proposing Cloiche wind farm (read Stronelairg extention) in the
Monadhliath Mountains. An area already grotesquely speared with industrial
wind turbines.  SSE does very well thank you from millions of pounds in
constraints paid from our energy bills, to not generate, highly
controversial Stronelairg being one of the beneficiaries. The questions I
would like to ask those handing our hard-earned money out like Smarties for
this bizarre ‘Connect and Manage’ strategy are:
1.  Is it not a conflict of interests for renewable energy companies that
are also the Scottish grid operators (the other being Spanish owned
ScottishPower Renewables) continuing to apply for yet more turbines to be
connected to a grid that they know full well can’t cope with them and so
will be guaranteed to receive lucrative payments to switch their machines off?
2. Are the constraint payments just a subsidy by another name?
It is simply money for doing nothing.
Westminster needs to stop this absurdity now to protect what’s left of
unspoilt Scotland and all UK consumers if the Scottish government refuses to.
Lyndsey Ward

SAS Volunteer

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