Cumberhead West Wind Farm – Pre Application


The Proposed Development site adjoins an established cluster of wind farms around Hagshaw Hill (known as the ‘Hagshaw Cluster’) in rural South Lanarkshire, (refer to Figure 1.1). The site is located approximately 3.9km to the west of Coalburn, 5.6 km to the south-west of Lesmahagow 7.7 km west north-west of Douglas and 6.5km north-east of Muirkirk,(distances to the nearest proposed wind turbine)

The Proposed Development will consist of approximately 20 wind turbines up to 200 m blade tip height and its generating capacity will be >50 MW in total. The associated infrastructure will includesite access, access tracks, crane hardstanding, underground cabling, on-site substation and maintenance building, energy storage compound, temporary construction compound(s), laydown areas, concrete batching plant, potential excavations/borrow workings and a met mast(s) 1.2 The Applicant Cumberhead West Wind Farm Ltd is a joint venture between local business

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