Climate cultists reckon the wholesale environmental destruction wreaked by the wind and solar industries is all for the good of planet. It’s an argument that holds all the logic of amputating an entire leg to prevent a septic toe from doing any further damage, when a dose of penicillin would do the trick.

Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans managed to lift the lid on green hypocrisy, focusing on the raft of inconvenient truths behind the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

Such as the fact that those ‘planet saving’ solar panels that give virtue signallers such a warm inner glow are really ‘coal’ panels, where the core ingredient is made from strip-mined quartz, which is converted to silica using coal-fired furnaces. Inconvenient for those claiming renewable energy piety, but true enough.

But the wanton hypocrisy doesn’t end there, as Paul Driessen details below.

Wind & Solar ‘Transition’: Destroying The Global Village In Order to ‘Save’ It

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