Donald Trump was mocked after bizarrely suggested burning fossil fuels to run America’s industries is safer for the climate than wind power.
The US President declared America is “energy independent” during a debate about climate change in the final presidential debate before the election last night.
He also told rival Joe Biden “I know more about wind than you do”, which was met by bewildered laughter from the Democrat, before the President added “it kills all the birds”.
Trump even hinted that he may not believe in carbon emissions.
A third person said: “I literally took a 30 second mental break after he said that.”
The former Vice President said solar and wind energy is the “fastest growing industry” in the country and accused Trump of supporting conspiracy theories that “wind causes cancer”.
Biden, who served as VP for eight years under Barack Obama until 2016, said: “We can grow and we can be cleaner if we go the route I’m proposing.” Read more:


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