The Scottish Government has today published its National Planning Framework 4 Position Statement, setting out that its long-term planning strategy will be driven by the overarching goal of addressing climate change.
The paper, an interim paper setting out broad policy ideas ahead of the new framework expected next autumn, offers support for renewables including strengthening support for re-powering and expanding existing onshore wind farms.
Protection for National Parks and National Scenic Areas will continue to apply, it added.
Scottish Renewables policy director Morag Watson welcomed the document’s publication and the commitment to climate action within it.
“The acknowledgment that ‘supporting renewable energy developments, including the re-powering and extension of existing wind farms’ will be crucial to this goal is a welcome recognition of the importance of an industry which is already delivering economic and environmental benefits across Scotland,” she said.
“Our submission to the Scottish Government’s Call for Ideas reflected our members’ view that addressing climate change should be central to future planning decisions, so we are pleased to see that position recognised, with the statement saying ‘we expect that NPF4 will confirm our view that the Global Climate Emergency should be a material consideration in considering applications for appropriately-located renewable energy developments’”.
She added:”Overall it is important to recognise the role planning will play in the deployment of the energy generation technologies which will achieve our net-zero target, and we are pleased that this interim statement does so.”

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